Sample of Yuriko Kitamura's Sold Works

These are some of the works by Yuriko that have been sold to private and public collectors.

Batik, Sold

Though Yuriko no longer produces Batik works, some of her works are presented here to give you a sense of the progression of her techniques and style. At the time these were produced, they were not considered a "normal" form of batik, and thus not saleable. However, you can see where her later works evolved from.

Mixed-Media, Sold

Mixed-media works comprise the largest body of Yuriko's work. As described in the other mixed-media page, these are mostly a painting technique on rice paper, with wax-resist to define hard lines.

Her largest works tend to be polyptychs (e.g. triptychs, diptychs), which are segmented, or multi-panel, works. As you may already know, the bulk of her subjects tend to be mountains and flowers.

However, most of her works are of more modest sizes.

Yuriko's foray into brush drawings of figures (see the next section, Brush Drawings, Sold) lead her to incorporate the subject into her mixed-media works.

Brush Drawings, Sold

Later on, Yuriko started practicing brush drawing. As mentioned in the other brush drawing page, her style for brushwork is basically "sumi ink on rice paper". Her figure work have been progressing towards abstract forms.

Later, she began experimenting with even more abstract forms such as the Road Series which are sumi ink on shitajiki (ornamental cardboard or desk pads).