Presenting the Art of Yuriko Kitamura

[mixed-media painting example image]
A mixed-media painting by Yuriko.
[brush-drawing example image]
A brush drawing by Yuriko.
[watercolour study example image]
A watercolour study by Yuriko.

Yuriko Kitamura is a watercolour artist, specializing in a type of mixed-media painting on rice paper and in Japanese-style inked-brush drawings. This is her official web site, and it presents a sampling of her artwork in the various media she works with. Yuriko's watercolour-painting technique is particularly well-suited for mountain scenery and flowers. And for more stylized imagery, her ink-work with figures garner a lot of attention. She does work with standard watercolour techniques, too. The pictures above are a couple of examples of her work. Please take a look at her Portfolios Page to see (a lot) more.

As with most art, photographs don't do justice to her mixed media work. If you are in the area, or plan to visit the area, please see for yourself by visiting one of the galleries representing her.